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Step 1: Consultation

Enjoy a complimentary one half hour consultation…

- in person

- over the phone

- Skype / Facetime

…to discuss how we can help you de-clutter and organize your space. No matter how cluttered your home or office, we are here to help.

Simply tell us what you’d like to achieve

(“I want to be able to be able to eat off the table!”),

How you want your space to appear

(“A clear, clean space with the clutter stored away in a way that’s easy to get to”)

Your timeline for getting it done

(“Before the family arrives for the Holidays”).

Step 2: We create a plan

Plan on how to remove clutter and get organized...

After the initial consultation, a date can be set for the decluttering to begin.

Along with a timeline, what you want to achieve is of utmost importance to us. If the goal is clear, then you can sit back and look forward to having your home organized.

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